After more than two years of efforts that were stalled by the league's lack of a collective bargaining agreement, real estate magnate Ed Roski Jr.'s plans to buy an NFL team and build a state-of-the art, $800 million stadium near the junction of the 57 and 60 freeways are in high-gear.

"We are more active than ever and are currently working with the league, owners and teams to bring a franchise back to Los Angeles," said Roski's right-hand man, John Semcken.

The uptick in activity comes as California prepares to cut redevelopment agency funds, creating potential problems for NFL teams that are bidding for a new stadium.

The San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers are eligible for a move to another city based on their stadium lease agreements.

Those three teams play in three of the oldest stadiums in the NFL - something that could spur them to relocate if they don't receive a sweet enough deal on a new stadium.

A statement on the Chargers' website pointed out the potential for funding problems created by the state's decision to slash redevelopment agency funding.

"Building NFL stadiums in California was tough to begin with ... and now, the job just got much tougher, because of the redevelopment law changes," according to the Chargers' July 30 web post.

Roski's proposed stadium won't be affected by the cuts because the endeavor is privately funded, Roski's Project Manager Taylor Talt said.

"We've had multiple investment banks look at our project and they've all said it's easy to finance," Talt said.