CCIM Explained

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CCIM members on average earn 79% more than non-affiliated professionals, according to a National Association of REALTORS® Commercial Member Profile.

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What is CCIM and why should real estate professionals take CCIM classes? This video explains the CCIM program and the benefits of a CCIM education. 

What is a CCIM Video?

What is a CCIM?

A CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry. The CCIM lapel pin is earned after successfully completing a designation process that ensures CCIMs are proficient not only in theory, but also in practice. This elite corps of CCIMs includes brokers, leasing professionals, investment counselors, asset managers, appraisers, corporate real estate executives, property managers, developers, institutional investors, commercial lenders, attorneys, bankers, and other allied professionals.

A CCIM is part of a global commercial real estate network with members across North America and more than 30 countries. This professional network has enabled CCIM members to close thousands of transactions annually, representing more than $200 billion in value. As a result, the experts who possess the CCIM designation are an invaluable resource for commercial real estate owners, investors, and users.

CCIMs have completed a designation curriculum that covers essential CCIM skill sets including ethics, interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, and investment analysis for commercial investment real estate. CCIMs have completed a portfolio demonstrating the depth of their commercial real estate experience. Finally, they have demonstrated their proficiency in the CCIM skill sets by successfully completing a comprehensive examination. Only then is a designation candidate awarded the coveted CCIM pin, joining the ranks of highly skilled commercial and investment real estate experts.

 Over 15,000 commercial real estate professionals have earned the designation. Currently, 5,500 professionals are pursuing their CCIM designation. Visit for more info.

Attributes of a CCIM:

  • Knowledgeable in theory and application.
  • Equipped with industry-leading technology.
  • Connected to a global membership network.
  • Ethical and committed to upholding the prestige of the CCIM designation.
  • Equipped with the latest news and information.
  • Dedicated to serving clients.