420 South E Street - San Bernardino, CA 92408

Property Type: Multi-Tenant Development Opportunity

The subject property consists of three buildings constructed in contiguous design. The site is situated on two parcels of land with the largest of the 3 buildings located on one of the two parcels. The property is currently zoned Mixed Use for retail, warehouse, light industrial and light manufacturing.Sale Price: $3,950,000


This property has been approved by the City of San Bernardino for a change of use to be converted into a Retail/Warehouse showroom. The concept involves converting the 30,000 square foot warehouse structure into ten, 3,000 square foot retail/warehouse storefronts. The architectural design is by Gary Miller & Associates and construction plans are complete. All entitlements and building plans are included in the sale of this property.

BUILDING 1 - RETAIL (12,000 SQ. FT.)

The existing front retail building consists of approximately 12,000 square feet and is currently occupied by the Inland Empire Auction house. This building was recently modernized with a new stucco and glass storefront façade. Within this structure there are five separate rooms and 4 bathrooms and one shower facility. Also within this building there is a Mezzanine consisting of approximately 3,000 square feet. This square footage is not a part of the total rentable square footage.

BUILDINGS 2 & 3 - WAREHOUSE (23,000 SQ. FT. & 30,000 SQ. FT.)

To the West and contiguous with the Retail building is a warehouse building constructed of concrete slab, concrete block walls and steel roof. This space is approximately 23,000 square feet and contains a large kitchen. This building is currently occupied by the Dano Corporation. There are 3 years remaining on their lease. The third building is contiguous with the Westerly warehouse and located to the immediate North. This warehouse building consists of approximately 30,000 square feet. The building is constructed of concrete slab, steel frame, steel exterior and roof. This is the building that will be converted to the Retail/Warehouse Showroom.


The property is located 1 mile from the 215 freeway at the Inland Center Way exit. One-half block from the property is the major intersection of Inland Center Way and South E Street. At this corner is the Regional Shopping Center - Inland Center Mall and at the South-East corner is “The Orange”, the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds complex. South E Street serves as the main access corridor between downtown San Bernardino and the Inland Center Mall. Within two blocks North of the property is the new Arrowhead Credit Union Baseball field. This field is the home field to the San Bernardino minor league team. The daily traffic count is approximately 25,000 vehicles.